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Bethany Schaub - Founder of Transcend Bodyworks, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master

In 2003 I attended college and dabbled in sales, among other jobs, but still had yet to find my true calling. I realized I had gifts to offer the world, but needed a fresh perspective. I packed up my car and drove south in search of my calling. After many long walks on the beach, I made a decision, and within a month I’d found a school, moved into an apartment, and was on my way. A year later I graduated from The Heritage Institute for Massage Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 2005 I returned to Pennsylvania to start my family and career. During the many years I spent working as a massage therapist, I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skills, master multiple techniques, and provide clients optimal physical benefit along with the stress-diminishing tranquility massage provides. My goal is to ensure that clients not only feel wonderful during massage, but experience the alleviation of chronic pain for weeks or even months. In addition to massage, continued education has led me to other holistic treatments, including reflexology, massage cupping and reiki. In 2013 I became a Reiki Master and am now able to offer my clients chakra energy work for physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance. I’m pleased to offer my expertise throughout this next phase of my career as I open my own space, Transcend Bodyworks. 

The newest and most exciting part of Transcend Bodyworks is the addition of infrared fitness. I am happiest and healthiest when I find time for physical fitness and reflection; in this spirit, I decided to incorporate both into my new business by offering Hotworx. The Hotworx system is an infrared sauna spacious enough for three people to exercise inside - it goes beyond hot yoga! For clients who want the positive effects of infrared heat without the workout, we offer foam rolling or meditation inside the sauna as well. Please join me on my journey to creating a happier, healthier community and finding balance in a hectic world. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Love and Peace, Bethany 

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I'm eternally grateful to my friends and family, who've helped me along the journey of opening Transcend Bodyworks...  My Parents worked very hard and stressed more than I recommend, but their unyeilding support truly helped make this a reality. All the while my friends have offered invaluable time, talents, muscle and advice. I want to give special thanks to my children for their patience as I worked extra long hours seeing my vision come to life. They are what inspire me to constantly push forward in this endevour.  Lastly I want to  thank my clients; those who have been with me for years and the clients who have yet to schedule.  I want to invite you all to join me and Transcend your Body!